They found the most incredible method to lose weight: eating earth – 01/13/2019


Incredible Neither protein-rich diets, nor those with low fat, nor those that are rich in carbohydrates, even the balanced ones. The incredible new method to lose weight does not use any of these formulas, but something much simpler: eat earth.

Yes, incredible as it may seem, a study by the University of South Australia discovered by chance thatClay has the ability to absorb drops of fat in the intestine.

"I was investigating the ability of clay materials to improve oral administration and absorption of antipsychotic drugs when I noticed that the clay particles did not behave as expected. Instead of breaking down to release drugs, the clay materials attacked the drops of fat and literally absorbed them."he explained in a statement published by, researcher Tahnee Dening.

The research, the results of which were published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, also details that obesity costs the world economy every year more than 2 billion euros.

A solution to obesity?

The scientist explains that clay materials not only retain fats, but also prevent them from being absorbed by the body. This is achieved simply by ensuring that fat passes through the digestive system. For Dening, it is "this unique behavior that makes us think of something important: potentially a cure for obesity."

Obesity affects more people every day around the world and has become one of the biggest health problems in modern society. In addition, obesity has other risks associated with such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or some types of cancer. The numbers in Australia, the researchers' country, are staggering: almost two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight or obese.

Not only that, the same goes for one in four Australian children, but it is not a problem that specifically affects this oceanic country. In our country, the numbers are not much better: according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Argentina leads the percentage of obesity in children under five in Latin America.

Eat the Earth, the New Way to Lose Weight

Eat the Earth, the New Way to Lose Weight

The land that gave these impressive results is called Montmorillonite: It is a material of purified natural clay and a synthetic clay called laponite. One study was done with rats, divided into two groups: some were fed montmorillonite and a high-fat diet, while the others also followed a high-fat diet and weight loss product on the market called Orlistat. The results confirmed expectations.

Does the earth lose weight?

The experiment lasted two weeks, after which the researchers analyzed the mice and found that both study groups had experienced weight loss, but those who were fed with clay had a more beneficial result to lose weight than the group of rats that used the drug.

For Dening, success occurs because processed clay "has an exceptionally high surface area, which means that it has a great ability to interact and absorb the fats and oils present in the food we eat." Contrary to what happens with Orlistat , "is an enzyme inhibitor that blocks up to 30% of the digestion and absorption of fats in the diet, which leads to weight loss, but has unpleasant side effects such as stomach pain, bloating, flatulence and diarrhea, which limits your use in weight loss because people prefer to stop using it. "

The next step in the research is whether clay could be used alongside Orlistat to treat obesity in humans.. Tahnee Dening explains that "we are attacking digestion and absorption of fats in two different ways and hopefully this will lead to greater weight loss with fewer side effects."

Other benefits of clay that were already known

The idea of ​​consuming land seems unattractive but in practice there is a long story about this strange diet which is performed all over the world by a small group of people.

According to a 2014 report by Sera Young, a researcher at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, The common way to eat earth is to boil which could protect the body against invaders like germs and parasites.

The diet is most frequently performed in tropical regions where microorganisms abound. Those who consume the earth most often are children and pregnant women, people with a more vulnerable immune system and more prone to attack by pathogens.

The medicinal use of clay dates back to the beginnings of mankind, where it was used to heal wounds and inflammatory problems. Historians believe it is due to an imitation of animals, that when they have a wound wallowed in the ground.

Ancient documents have established that Egyptian doctors usedthe earth against inflammation, which was applied with hot mud from the Nile River to treat rheumatic diseases.

"Clay is a living substance that acts with discernment and retards the proliferation of parasitic organisms, favoring cell reconstitution. Due to its absorption power, it neutralizes and drains impurities from the tissues, retains all types of liquids by absorbing odors, "explains the French naturopath, Raymond Dextreit.

Eat the Earth, the New Way to Lose Weight

Eat the Earth, the New Way to Lose Weight

"Eating mud is a common situation in Africa to avoid zinc deficiencies in the body, which is not appropriate in developed countries, "says director of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at King's College London, Rick Wilson.

The specialist emphasizes the need to take precautions, since the ingestion of untreated clay or land for consumption may arsenic, lead or other elements that can affect health.

When the clay undergoes a marked increase in temperature loses much of its therapeutic powerTherefore, a sudden heating should be avoided when preparing it, avoiding that the boiling temperature of the water is exceeded.

Dry clay does not have as much therapeutic value; The actual properties are found when the clay is previously moistened. Clay baths are currently used to combat diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, skin diseases, pain after a fracture or sprain.

Clay properties

– Remineralizing

This property varies depending on the elements traces that it possesses, being some types of clays more remineralizing than others.

– Cicatrizante

Ensure the regeneration of the tissues and reduce the scarring thanks to the aluminum silicate that exists in its composition.

– Stimulant

The presence of abundant trace elements allows an action of rebalancing and stimulation of the skin. It awakens the activity of deficient glands, regulating our metabolism and balancing excess energy.

– Antiseptic or antibacterial

Unlike drugs, whose action does not distinguish between beneficial substances and harmful to our organism, clay is a living substance that acts where it is needed.

It also prevents the proliferation of microbes and eliminates them, favoring healthy cell regeneration.

– Absorbent

Due to its porosity, it has great absorption power, which allows it to absorb a great amount of heat, attracting accumulated toxins to the skin, thus getting them expelled.

– Depurative

For its ability to drain and evacuate toxins.

– Sedative

It calms pains, inflammations, edema and ulcers, being very effective in the treatment of scars, wounds, burns, stings and irritations, as well as muscular contractures.

– Aesthetics

It improves the appearance of the skin producing a natural peeling, oxygen, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins, strengthens tissues, its antimicrobial and antiseptic action is ideal for acne and alopecias.

It is regenerative cellular and anti-inflammatory.

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