They find a unique way to combat baldness


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Updated 14/12/2018 – 10:13

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They find a unique way to combat baldness

New York, 12/14/2018 (The People Online) –A group of researchers at Harvard University found that nerves and muscles involved in the phenomenon of piloerection or chills stimulate hair growth, Sputnik notes.

According to Science News website, Harvard University stem cell researcher Ya-Chieh Hsu believes that these nerves and muscles also stimulate the skin's stem cells to form hair follicles and grow hair.

In addition, scientists have discovered that nerves secrete the hormone noradrenaline (or norepinephrine by INN), which is necessary for hair growth.

Studies in rodents that do not have these small muscles showed the impossibility of shivering. The animals also lacked sympathetic nerves and had altered hair growth.

Experts believe that bald men also do not have similar muscles in the scalp. They suggest that restoring nerves and muscles could lead to the growth of new hair.


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