They discover a region of the brain that can be linked to fine movements


A region of the brain, called the endorestiform nucleus, was discovered near the junction of the spinal cord after nearly 30 years of suspicion of its existence for the first time, academic sources said on Tuesday.

"O region is intriguing because it appears to be absent in rhesus monkey and other animals that we are studying, "said his discoverer, George Paxinos, a brain mapper and specialist at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

"Have to there are some things that are unique in the human brain beyond its large size and the end-to-end nucleus may be one of them, "said the Greco-Australian expert at Neuroscientific Research Australia and author of a World Atlas of the Brain.

O end-to-end nucleus It is located inside the inferior cerebellar peduncle, an area that integrates sensory and motor information to refine our posture, balance and fine motor movements, which includes small movements in the hands, feet, fingers, lips or tongue.

"I can only guess at its functions, but given the part of the brain it is in, it could being involved in motor movement control", The scientist specified.

O discovery It could contribute to exploring ways to treat diseases like Parkinson's and other neuromotor diseases, according to the statement.


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