They develop a universal 10-minute cancer test


Scientists have developed a universal test to detect cancer in just 10 minutes. This economic method shows if the patient has cancer cells in the body. In addition, does not reveal the seriousness cells, or where they are located. The test can detect traces of the disease in the bloodstream of patients.

This test, easy and cheapuse one fluid that changes color to reveal the presence of malignant cells. They can be anywhere on the body and provide a result less than 10 minutes. The test is currently under development. It represents a major breakthrough for cancer detection, which could establish a very simple routine and facilitate the work of physicians.

"The great advantage of this technique is that it is very cheap and extremely simple to do, so a clinic can easily adopt it," said Laura Carrascosa, researcher at University of Queensland. This technique can serve as a tool to inform clinicians about the possibility patient has cancer. However, a later test with other more advanced techniques is necessary. In order to identify the type of cancer and the state in which it is found.

This was made possible thanks to the team of University of Queensland. They found that cancer DNA and normal DNA adhere differently to metal surfaces. This allowed them to develop a test distinguish between healthy cells and cancer cells.

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This new test has a 90% sensitivity. This means that detects 90 cases of cancer above 100. For an initial test on cancer is not bad, because it has a fairly high percentage of effectiveness and reliability. Although, as already mentioned, it is necessary to visit a health center to check the status and type of the disease.


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