Monday , October 25 2021

They declare red alert for the commune of Pichilemu by the forest fire


This Tuesday the Intendência da Região O & # 39; Higgins, CONAF and ONEMI, they declared red alert for the commune of Pichilemu before the forest fire that affects about 15 hectares.

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The called fire "Barrancas" is active and so far has left a person injured and a house destroyed, which was uninhabited.

In this context, the Regional Intendency, based on the information provided by CONAF and in coordination with the Regional Office of ONEMI, decided to declare a red alert. "Until the conditions of fire justify it", the authorities said in a statement.

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Conaf reported that they are working on the site 4 brigades, 3 technicians, 1 airplane and 2 helicopters; besides the firemen of Pichilemu, Paredones and Pumanque, supported by the brigade of the forest company Nilahue.

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