They confirm the suspension of the procedure for the father of the child who died in a car in Ñuñoa | National


The Eighth Court of Guarantee of Santiago decided to grant conditional suspension of procedure one Víctor Fuentes Norambuenafather of a two-year-old boy who died in a car in Ñuñoa.

The event occurred in December 2017, when Fuentes arrived at the school of San Agustín, where he worked with his son, to move you half an hour later to your kindergarten.

In addition, the man forgot that he had left the child sleeping in the vehicle, realizing during the afternoon when the child had already died suffocated by the high temperature that was generated inside.

Prosecutor's Office determined that the incident occurred because of negligence and was not intentional., which reduced the penalties in case of obtaining a sentence. A conditional suspension of the this does not imply.

For one year, Fuentes must meet a number of conditions to avoid reopening the cause. At the end of the 12 months, the investigation will be terminated and you will not be convicted of the death of your child.

Jacqueline Stubing, her father's lawyer, emphasized that Fuentes's wife never stopped supporting him After what happened, adding that the court decision marks the end of a painful phase for the family.

A report in the newspaper La Tercera reported that Victor Fuentes and his wife took refuge in his church after the accident and that he talks today parents on how to face the death of a child.


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