They confirm the presence of bird pustule in a jot that puts the condors at risk – National


They confirm the presence of bird pustule in a jot that puts the condors at risk

The bird was rescued in Antofagasta by the Agricultural and Livestock Service. Experts point out that the disease only affects birds. Tvn


a Bailed head in bad conditions was rescued by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of the MOP building in Antofagasta.

The bird was transferred to the Rescue and Animal Studies Center (CREA) of the University of Antofagasta.

At the center, different studies were carried out to understand the origin of A strange and huge bulge at the top of the beak.

"We worked with Dr. Paredes and Moroni, from Universidad Austral, where the diagnosis of avian pox was confirmed and bibliographic records of other cases of jote related species that were shown to be susceptible to this virus were attached," explained Carlos Guerra. director of CREA, a Cooperative.

There are only three cases of avian pox in the red head and this is the first case in the southern hemisphere.

Veterinarian Mauricio Mora pointed out to the aforementioned "The most direct risk is for other red headed jets. Some of these birds are migratory and can spread the disease. However, the literature points out that there is a risk of contagion to other wild birds with the jotes, presenting a risk, for example, for the condor and other related species ".

Smallpox affects only birds and humans have no risk of infection.

Experts from CREA urge authorities to be aware of infectious diseases of wild birds.



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