They call young people from the region of Aysén to be vaccinated for the outbreak of measles – Diario Aysén


Since the last day of January 2 the Ministry
launched a campaign to vaccinate young people between the ages of 20 and 24
at the national level against measles and more than 7 thousand in the
after an imported outbreak of this disease, which was
last quarter in the country, a product of which Chilean residents were
travel abroad, to countries in the Americas where there is an outbreak of measles
and where the national immunization program is not as strong
as in Chile.

From the Ministerial Secretariat
of Salud Aysén, Alejandra Valdebenito added that "we are concentrating
young people between the ages of 20 and 24 who are young people who have not
exposed during childhood, during their growth, to the circulation of
virus, "said Seremi de Salud, adding that" we have to remember that Chile
is a country that has eradicated measles for more than 20 years,
an autochthonous outbreak of measles, so it is these young people who, despite
received the vaccine, for example, a year and the first basic, do not have
have been exposed to the circulation of this virus, "said the

Alejandra Valdebenito was
Emphasizing that "we are located throughout the region of Aysén, from
Melinka for Villa O & # 39; Higgins through the posts of Cecof (Centro
Family Health), Cesfam (Family Health
Hospitals, therefore, access and opportunity exists, "he said.
Valdebenito, adding that "what we lack at this moment is the motivation and
young people so that they can visit these health centers.
be vaccinated We have scheduled activities in the field in which we go to the Gendarmerie,
Preventive Detention Centers, and all units of Force, Order and
Security, to focus and put the maximum effort into achieving
These 7,700 young people from the region of Aysén who are in this age group,
that we expect to reach 80% coverage in order to effectively
prevent a probable outbreak of measles in Chile. "

This campaign will be held during
months of January and February, when the vaccination percentage is not met
by March, vaccines will be available in all
health centers in the region of Aysén.

In the same way, the Ministry
recommended that people leaving the country should be vaccinated,
emphasis on the most vulnerable groups, such as: travelers born in 1971 and 1981
and that they have no history of having received two doses of vaccine after
12 months of age; Children over 1 year and under 7 years who have only 1
Doses should be vaccinated at least 2 weeks before the trip; and babies
between 6 and 11 months 29 days of age, should receive 1 dose of at least 2
weeks before the trip.


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