They assure that the U. of Chile plans to play of facilities to 2019 in the Ester Roa stadium of Concepción | Soccer


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Cristóbal Escobar I Agency One

Azul Azul's leadership would be looking for University of Chile can play next season as a venue at the Ester Roa stadium in the Biobio region.

According to AS Chile, this would be due to the limitations National Stadium during the year 2019. such as some concerts and the closing of the venue during the month of November.

This is because the Ñuñoa coliseum will host the Copa Libertadores 2019, scheduled for the 23rd of that month.

The leaders of the "U" already would have agreed a meeting with the municipality of Concepcion to see the option to occupy the regional stadium.

However, the blues should manage the local government's authorization and coordinate the use of the venue because it is also used by other teams, such as University of Concepción, Fernández Vial and Deportes Concepción.

Also, on May 11 and 12, there will be one of the days of the World Rally Championship in the area, so there will be no hotel or police capacity for another date of sporting event.

In the coming weeks there should be developments in the field, considering that it is not yet the calendar of the 2019 national championship.


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