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They approve the miracle pill to lose weight

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The FDA, the drug regulatory agency U.S, just gave the green light to a pill which will allow you to lose weight no diet and no hunger. It's about the Pill of fullnessdeveloped by the biotechnology company Gelesis, which developstherapies for chronic diseases related to obesity.

Its function is to decrease the appetite through a mechanical process. Ingested before meal, the tablet releases a hydrophilic gel that becomes inflamed when captured water molecules in the stomach, occupying about a quarter of this body without adding calories. It causes a type of balloon that makes the person feel less hungry.

It is a gel composed of cellulose and citric acid and is naturally eliminated by the digestive tract. According to the company, it will lose an average of 10% of body weight in six months. One of his studies, published in the journal Obesity in 2018, showed that the use of this pill doubles the possibility of losing between 5 and 10% of body weight.

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In clinical trials, the secundary effects Plenity were similar to those of placebo: satiety, bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.

The pill has been approved for people with a body mass index (BMI) greater or equal to 25. Despite the expectations that it can generate, nutritionists have already said that it is not a miracle product, although the positive is that it is exempt. toxic effects by not entering the bloodstream.

Its own creators advise that it be accompanied by a calorie restriction and moderate exercise. In fact, the studies carried out by the company weight loss with a diet reduced by 300 calories and a daily physical activity.

In U.S, with 40% of the obese population, according to the JAMA publication, this type of product is especially well received, although the Plenity pill does not ask whether it will be effective in people who tend to overeat because of anxiety or in cases where obesity also responds to genetic causes.

It will be available on American pharmacies from 2020 and will be exempted by prescription, although its price has not yet been published.

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