They accuse the finalist of the Fortnite World Cup of cheating


Fortnite began the process of classification for World Cup, where more than 100 million dollars in prizes are at stake, and with that said it is not surprising that some try to take advantage of the situation to take advantage and probably bring a fair amount of tickets into their pockets, this is one of the arguments for that they would be accusing a player who was in the final Fortnite World Cup.

Few hours ago HighSkyteam player Kingsaccused XXifwho represents Rise, about having betrayed in the qualifying matches of the Fortnite World Cup, due to an initial analysis of one of the items of XXif, at where HighSky notice a peculiar situation at the beginning of it.

In the video provided by the player, we see XXiF while falling at the beginning of the game in a specific place, followed by this, we see Wuji, another player falling in the same place, but this when found XXiF, makes some erratic moves, like hitting his chest and not picking up a gun, and ends up dead by XXiF, then another player who was approaching the same position called Gestyy, see all the action and land to try to grab the chest, get a gun and start shooting the wall in front while XXiF Shoot him about it and Gestyy having materials at hand, he does not try to defend himself, so he dies from a shotgun almost point-blank as he approaches XXiF almost half of his life.

This does what XXiF At the beginning of the game you have enough materials and your shield to 100% to continue climbing in the Battle Royale, which explains HighSky is that this behavior is rather strange and makes the accusation that XXiF, Wuji and Gestyy, they are in collusion to give victory to XXiF to sort the finals of the Fortnite World Cup, because the other two players had about 30 points and therefore were "lost cases" and could not qualify even though they tried hard.

In the same publication, some users of Twitter they realized that Gestyy at least one regular visitor of XXiF, is that Wuji would be an acquaintance of Streamer and a professional Fortnite.

Given these facts and conclusions that reached some on this issue, XXiF created a TwitterLonger, where he explains his innocence, which argues that none of what HighSky is saying is true and that at no time was he agreed with Wuji and Gestyy to give him a advantage in the competition and make available to Epic Games, analyze the evidence of the case.

Until now Epic Games, did not issue any statement on this, but on another occasion in which if he found someone using Wallhack to give him the advantage, Epic Games disqualified him from World Cup and banish Fortnite Battle Royale, maybe if in a few days there is no answer to all of this, it could just be coincidental the way the events happened.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available and is free on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices


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