Monday , April 19 2021

They absolve from plagiarism charges a screenwriter of "Twenty-Year-Old at 40"

Acquitted of all accusations of plagiarism was the screenwriter of the TV series of Channel 13, "Twenty-one at 40", Sergio Díaz Mora. This, after the Third Oral Criminal Court of Santiago, established that there is no record to assume that fiction was a copy of "Qué hay de nuevo viejo", a story written by Alex Rivera and Marcelo Guajardo in a script workshop that taught the station.

In a unanimous decision, the judges Felix Ascencio, Claudia Santos and White Rojas, estimated that there was no evidence or experience to report any copy by the defendant. In addition, they asserted that the prosecution did not present evidence that could be assessed directly by the sentenced parties. to establish infringements within the law of intellectual property.

Thus, the court rejected all of the complainant's arguments. "We are facing a tremendously fair decision, because the prosecution contained several errors and failures"said Diaz Mora's lawyer, Felipe Moraga.

"There was no plagiarism, there was never a copy and the originality test required by law was not met, were different genres, different plots, different characters, different dramatic arcs and different formats, "he added.

This case began after Alex Rivera and Marcelo Guajardo decided to take the writer to court. In a first case, Sergio Díaz was convicted, but then the Supreme Court overturned the ruling by ordering a second.

After being produced, the scriptwriter was freed of all the accusations accused.

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