These are the Harry Potter characters who were about to kill J.K. Rowling


The author of Harry Potter was about to eliminate several of our favorite characters from the saga …

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Harry Potter is one of our favorite sagas, and we suffer horribly from the death of many of our favorite characters, as many have completely stolen our hearts.

However, Rowling was about to take the lives of several of the main characters in the series, to check who and why she decided to repent:

1. Harry Potter:

Rowling seriously considered killing our hero, fortunately the author gave up this sad idea because he thought it would be a terrible betrayal for fans of the saga, so he decided that Harry had to live and reclaim his life after defeating Voldemort.

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2. Ron Weasley:

Rowling had promised that she would not kill any of the three main characters in the series, but in the middle of the story the author considered it and was about to take his life from Ron, we're glad he did not!

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3. Arthur Weasley:

At the Order of the Phoenix, Weasley's father was about to die after being attacked by a snake, but Rowling decided that Arthur had to stay alive for this reason:I think the reason I did not finally kill him is because there are very few good parents in the books. In fact, Arthur Weasley could basically be the only good father out there"

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4. Parents of all:

After returning to power, Voldemort had prepared a terrible revenge, he wanted to eliminate the parents of all Hogwarts students, just like he did with Harry's parents! This is what the author said: "I wanted it to be an echo of what had happened to Harry to be able to show Voldemort's absolute evil"

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5. Florean Fortescue:

Remember the owner of the small but famous Diagonal Alley? The character never appears in the movies, but in the books he helps Harry with his homework. The author had more important plans for this character, but in the end she decided to turn her story around and thus avoided death at the hands of the Death Eaters.

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Do you think our heart could have overcome the death of one of these characters?

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