These are the great moments of Soa Ledy in Pasapalabra


There is no one who can deny that Password It became the revelation of the year. With this, its participants also managed to win the love of all the spectators that day after day follow the program of the game and Ledy Osandón It is a clear example of this phenomenon.

The Calama English teacher arrived on May 1 in Pasapalabra, beating a duel against Nicolás Chávez, better known as "The Bomber" for his great talent in the "submachine gun" technique of Rosco. However, Ledy was able to apply this strategy in the last stage of the show, drawing viewers' attention to their speed, concentration and great knowledge. Thanks to this was dubbed "The Machine Gun" since it added several moments worth remembering.

Ledy generated such an impact that the memes did not wait. The followers of the program were attentive to each piece to immortalize their actions with funny pictures.

Although she could not take Rosco and be eliminated after 12 consecutive chapters, the teacher began to visit television programs to talk about her experience in Pasapalabra until she was called to participate in the program. "Recap". It was there that Julian Elfenbein starred in a funny moment with Osandón when he was clearly jealous of another entertainer.

In his second step on the show, Ledy fought a duel with great players coming out victorious in 5 days. Among them, the chapter in which Egor Montecinos abandoned the possibility of taking the millionaire Rosco, in addition to the revenge of the Calameña when competing against Daniel Araya, a player that took of the competition in its first passage by Pasapalabra and was eliminated before "The Metralleta" "

After five games in competition, Ledy was eliminated by Eduardo Peñailillo, however, not everything was lost because "The League of the Best" quoted to fight again for the millionaire Rosco. The teacher arrived with a very different attitude; empowered and determined to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. With that, Ledy dared to sing in the subway and reprimand without problem his teammate, Juan Pablo Sáez, after making a mistake in one of the games.

These are some of the best moments of the English teacher. If you want to see more anecdotes of this iconic Pasapalabra participant, click here.


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