Saturday , October 16 2021

There would be a new fatal victim according to the theory

The Blood Pact is one of the most successful TV series of recent times, and has managed to captivate its followers, who increasingly have new theories about what will happen in the next chapter.

Even as indicated on page 7, there is a Youtube channel that has become popular with this, reaching more than 30 thousand followers.

For some time ReviewChile has been responsible for making reviews of various Chilean productions, and in that context, the last chapter left many puzzled about what will come soon, since after Karina's death, Ignacio is in serious health. depression that made Benjamin and Trinidad decide to admit him to a clinic, as indicated on the site.

According to the theory of the popular Youtube channel, Ignacio will feel protected in Alonso, so he will tell you the whole truth about what happened to Karina and Daniela. This will cause the doctor to begin to connect the truth, becoming a real threat to Benjamin.

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