There are fans who mistakenly believe they have seen Groot in the Avengers trailer: Endgame


At all costs fans want to know or at least access theories that allow them to know how it is possible that some characters have died Avengers: Infinite War Go back to the Marvel Studios universe.

Yes, there are comic books that have possible answers, such as reusing the challenge to return everything to normal, but so far there is no sign of what they will do in this adaptation.

In fact, the impact of the so-called "Thanos click" was so great for some that it does not even lack someone who wants to look for signs of some characters transformed into dust in the first trailer of Avengers: End of the game.

This situation is perfectly represented by the following tweet, which claims to see a Groot signal during one of the sequences involving Tony Stark.

However, the truth is that it is only a piece of the console that is inside the ship of the Guardians of the Galaxy and that can be seen during the previous film. In addition, logic discards it immediately, because we must also keep in mind that Groot disappeared on Earth, so it makes no sense that he was reborn from a field and stuck in space with Stark.

All this is just to remember that there is the psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia, implying that "a vague and random stimulus (usually an image) is mistakenly perceived as a recognizable form."

Then Groot will probably come back, but it is not there where some believe they have seen.

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