Then you can see the DIM and National games on Facebook


During 2019, the Copa Libertadores games will be broadcast on Facebook. This was indicated by Conmebol last year when he announced the agreement with the social network, which this year will broadcast the games of this contest and also the South American Cup.

At the beginning of the Libertadores the platform already presented several games of the first phase and this week, the two games of the teams antioquenhas will have a signal through the social network.

This Wednesday's game between Independiente MedellĂ­n and Palestino can be seen on Facebook, but will also have an open signal through the Fox Sports channel. The national party, however, can only be seen by the platform.

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And when the agreement was announced, Conmebol has indicated that the contest games that are played on Thursdays can only be viewed through Facebook, then National fans should go to their mobile devices and computers to see the appointment.

If you want to watch the DIM and National games and do not know how to connect to the Facebook broadcast, here's how you can do it.

To view the cell broadcast:

1 Enter the Facebook application (you must have an account in the social network).

2 At the bottom, you'll find the Watch icon.

3 In the Watch watch mechanism you must enter the name Conmebol Libertadores, you must follow the contest profile and it will be immediately added to your Facebook Watch playlist.

From the computer

1 Go to

2 In the upper left corner, the Watch icon will be displayed.

3 In the clock search engine, you must enter the profile name Conmebol Libertadores, follow them and it will be immediately added to your Facebook watch list.


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