Sunday , October 24 2021

The young national scores could not benefit from free education – National


Young national scores could not benefit from free education

During this Friday the names of the people who took the National Score in the UPA in 2018 were announced. What was noticed was that some of them could not access the gratuity. TVN


This Friday they gave the results of all the young people who obtained the National Score in the PSU. Several of them received the happy call with the hope of being able to study what they had always dreamed of.

Engineering and medicine are the most desirable careers for them and at the same time they are some of the most expensive, but they are rethinking what their future will be, since they can not afford to pay for university.

Despite having the best scores in the country, several of them can not apply for the free scholarship offered by the state, for the requested requirements:

"The majority of the benefits ask you to come from subsidized or municipal private school. This past year I moved to a paid individual, so all benefits were lost, "says Vincent Ag[ueroCuricóNationalScore[ueroPuntajeNacionaldeCuricó[ueroCuricóNationalScore[ueroPuntajeNacionaldeCuricó


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