Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Walking Dead: Tell Your Last Victim


The first part of the ninth season of The Walking Dead ended with the unexpected death of one of its protagonists in the hands of The Whisperer. A scene that surprised the actor who plays the deceased character who, far from abandoning fiction definitively, will reappear to solve the mystery of the scars Daryl and Michonne.

Jesuswho gives life Tom Payneis stabbed by a member of The Whisperer camouflaged with fur walker.

Although he has died, Payne has assured that his character will return to explain some issues that the temporary jump left in the air.

"For six years we do not know anything," said the interpreter in an interview with TV Guide and advanced "Then there could be some flashbacks from that period … It could pop up anytime."

Whether or not the last scene of Jesushis departure was impressive. The Hilltop leader organizes a search group to find Eugenewho broke up Rosita while fleeing from The Whisperer.

Jesus, Eugene, Daryl and Aaron is trapped and surrounded by The Whisperer. Michonne, Magna and Yumiko they come to help them and Jesus is responsible for attracting walkers, while others help Eugene.

As soon as he was about to break free, he hit the last walker, who quickly moved away, stood behind him and stabbed him.

"You're in a place that does not belong to you," whispered the supposed walker.

At that time, others hikers they run with knives and Daryl see some seams on the back of the head of the one who killed Jesus. By cutting them, a living man appears wearing a walker's face as a mask. The episode ends in a cliffhanger, with the survivors surrounded.

An amazing scene that Payne feels very proud of.

"You want to be a part of the great moments of the show, and that's definitely a great time," he said. "If that's all, I'd be happy because it's something that people will remember, people still talk to me about my first episode because it was so much fun and it was something new and different so having two of those great moments is special. "

Payne reported the call in which the showrunner Angela Kang He announced the death of his character, a news that surprised him well.

"When she called me, I think I was a bit surprised to be so relaxed about it, because if Jesus is going to die, it has to be a lot of people killing him or it has to be a surprise, that finally was," the actor told .

"I was very happy about that," Payne said. "I think it's a shocking moment and features all this new group of dangerous and scary characters, I found it very good, I loved how the whole episode is creepy and full of terror, it was a lot of fun," he revealed.

Despite abandoning her character, at the moment Payne plans to keep her hair long.

"It's two and a half years of growth, so I do not want to waste it," he joked.


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