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Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), after being seriously injured, he attempted to expel the zombies from his community in the 9×05 episode of "The Walking Dead"To achieve this, he had to destroy what he fought so hard for: the bridge.

Rick destroyed the bridge with explosives, with which the thousands of zombies that persecuted it fell in the dangerous waters. Rick vanished from the sight of his friends, but he did not die. Instead, he got stuck on the beach hundreds of feet away.

After that, "The Walking Dead"Use the letter that so many fans have commented on: the helicopter that has been around the series since the seventh season reappears and takes the sheriff.

Rick Grimes, as confirmed by producer Scott Gimple on Sunday, will return in movies for television. We did not see the last rude survivor.


You can?The Walking DeadAfter the night of Sunday, November 4, nothing will be the same in the zombie series when Andrew Lincoln, interpreter of Rick Grimes, say goodbye to the Fox Premium series.

The synopsis of episode 9×05 "What comes next"It's vague:"Rick he is forced to face the past while struggling to maintain the security of communities and protect the future he and Carl imagined. "

Both the episode's photos and the preview of the video show that Rick He will face not only the mortal wound he suffered when he fell off his horse, but the undead who chase him. In addition, you will have visions of the past; a time when he had barely awakened from a coma and did not know that the world had changed for the worse.

The end of the cycle of Andrew Lincoln in "The Walking Dead"was revealed last May by production sources, which also indicated that Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) was in the process of negotiating a new, millionaire contract to be the protagonist.

Lincoln leaves the series because, in his own words, "it's time to go home." He lives in the UK and must leave his family for six months every year to film. "I have two small children and I live in a different country, and they become less and less portable when they grow up," he said.

The output of Rick Grimes is another of the ways in which the series differs from the comic book, where the character is still central axis as his son, Carl Grimes. On TV, the latter character lost his life in Season 8 after being bitten by a living dead.

But Andrew Lincoln is not the only one to leave the series, because the sixth episode of the ninth season of "The Walking Dead"will also mark the departure of Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene in Season Two.

Cohan leaves the series because he has contracted with ABC to co-star in "Whiskey Cavalier," an action drama and espionage. She departs from the series after negotiations to extend her contract in the drama came to an end.


You can see new episodes of "The Walking Dead"Every Sunday night in the Fox Premium Series, it is repeated on Monday nights on Fox's basic channel.

Check here all times to see the latest episode of Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes finale

"The Walking Dead" 9×05-trailer. Video: AMC.


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