The UDI hashtag that triggered waves of ridicule through social networks


Faced with the electronic failure of the election of the Independent Democratic Union, on Sunday, December 16, the vote will be resumed to determine if the party chairman will be Javier Macaya Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe.

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Faced with this, the two figures are making strenuous campaigns on social networks, calling on all militants to vote.

Among the platforms that have been used is Twitter, a space where candidates have created their own hashtag to collect support messages.

In the case of Deputy Macaya, he chose the traditional one with the hashtag: #YovotoMacaya. While the current senator and president of the UDI chose to use his nickname "Coke", resulting in the label: #FirmesConLaCoca.

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This has generated hundreds of reactions from users of the bird's social network, which relationship that can be given to the nickname of Van Rysselberghe with Cocaine Hydrochloride, they made fun of the situation by creating fun memes.


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