The UAE regulation prevented Beñat San José from further striking the UC


After surprising his departure from San Carlos de Apoquindo and his signing in the United Arab Emirates, the coach tried to negotiate to reach Asia with goalkeeper Dituro.

By: D. Arrieta and L. Rivera Talpen

Beñat San José surprised first, with his quick exit from Catholic University, after winning the Scotiabank National Championship in 2018 and then signing for Al Nasr of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) league.

But it was not the only thing. Manager of distant sports José María Buljubasich and in the knowledge of the negotiations so that in the UC continue to face Matías Dituro (that belongs to Bolivar), the Basque tried to sign the goalkeeper as he could ratify CDF News.

Guardavallas was his goalkeeper in Deportes Antofagasta, La Paz and the strip and so he thought of him to strengthen the Asian team. The problem? The competition of the Emirates does not allow archers of another nationality, as it happens in the Chinese Superliga.

The League of Emirates regulation, to which CDF News agreed, was clear:

The archers will only be the Emirati in the whole team. In the event that the goalkeeper is kicked out or leaves the game for another reason, he can not be replaced by a foreigner who is playing or is in the seat.

In the teams there may be three foreigners who are not from the Asian Confederation (AFC).

In teams there may be a foreigner who is from the Asian Confederation (AFC).


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