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The Typographer »Important advice for a correct sports nutrition

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During any stage of life, feeding plays a key role, but when a person performs periodic deportation, he or she is starting life fitness. Achieving a higher yield, improving muscle mass, losing weight or having more energy are the main causes for someone to begin exercising and changing their routines to achieve one of these goals.

However, to help achieve these purposes there are also some aids. “The deportistas who have impiezan to do the exercises need to take care of their nutrition. Many believe that they are only intensifying their routines, but these elements are not enough until they reach their intended goal, ”says Paula Molina, Pharmaceutical Chemist from Farmacias Ahumada.

Currently there are several types of food supplements that can be more effective in the routines of exercises or achieve full nutrition. “Supplements, in general, seek to provide nutrients that we cannot consume in the proper dietary diet. These bring amino acids, minerals, vitamins or fatty acids, among others, but must be consumed as needed and one of the highest can be harmful to our body.

Within this context it is important to have the help of a specialist who guides, handing over the containment and the two missing necessities, especially when beginning to perform more intense exercises routines. “These supplements do not support a balanced diet, they only add to the bad elements that we may lack. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which also incorporates protein, fat and carbohydrates, will not require this type of support, ”the pharmacist says.

If you find yourself in the middle of this step, there are a number of basic rules you should consider.

  • Basing the nutritional plan on healthy foods: “Miracle diets don't exist,” emphasizes Molina. The house has to be built on the basis of good cements, the same happens in this case. A balanced diet will be fundamental at the time of achieving sporting achievements.
  • Good hydration: About 60% of our body is water. Any chemical reaction in the organism is an acidic measure and muscles in the exception. "As slight as it may be, dehydration will directly affect performance, without mentioning that it is at greater risk of suffering injury," says the pharmacist.
  • Ojo with him nutrient timing: “We know what to eat before, during and after exercise,” says Molina. Supplements may be used more often, whenever it is necessary to provide greater energy or to optimize the maximum yield.

Which is the goal that was to be attained, the kind of exercise that one wanted to accomplish the supplements that one wanted to consume, it is crucial to consult by these selections with a specialist. “They will determine the best choice for each person, considering only their goals, which is also the current state and general of their health,” indicates the final Molina.

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