Saturday , October 23 2021

The troubling level reached by Barbara's rejection by MasterChef: they incited her to commit suicide | TV and Show


Barbara Lackington is one of four aspirants who will try to win Masterchef Chile, but unfortunately is not a favorite of viewers.

The 19-year-old added detractors and supporters in the culinary program of Channel 13, not to be overlooked by his comments, which are often considered "acidic" by space followers.

But the rejection of the finalist overcame all limits, because – according to an interview with La Cuarta – he received threats.

"I ran the risk of everyone running on TV, which is that there are malicious people. I blocked two people because they sent me internal messages, they made me calls on the Instagram, something very disturbing," he told the newspaper.

What is troubling is the level at which they arrived with harassment: "I have been very incited to suicide, I even have a video on YouTube to learn how to kill myself… On the other hand, as far as people's threats are concerned, I had one, which was one of those that I blocked …. He told me that if he saw me on the street he would rape me and then kill me. "

Faced with this, he summoned those who did not like him and criticized him on social networks. "Those people who hate me or do not like me so much, are going to criticize me for being on the television show, go straight to a picture of MasterChef to say everything they want, but do not enter my personal profile because I work there and it hurts me. "

He added that "this is a character and, of course, I see myself and I say … uta la hueona heavy! I was never encouraged to say something in the program, but in interviews they sometimes asked you three times the same thing, because the answer you gave was not what they liked, to generate more controversy. There are things that are edited"

At the same, clarified that "everything I say saying I said yes, but suddenly take things out of context and then seeing this as seen on TV, I regret everything I said, obviously, because almost nothing is set as I meant it. left the flirt with Christopher Carpentier and nothing to do, I'm pololing more in ".

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