The third one shows your macarra side on the Nintendo Switch


The Deep Silver video game arrives on the Nintendo console on May 10.

Deep silver presented a new trilogy of the Renaissance of Saint's Row: The Third in Nintendo Switch. Under the name of Saint Line: The Third Complete Package, the game includes all content released for the software in an edition that tries to remind its fans why the game Volition He is one of the most mischievous and shameless of the last generation.

Taking advantage of its debut on the Nintendo Switch, the third edition of Saints Row will include a series of exclusive content for the Nintendo platform. According to the confirmed distributor, they include the Sin City, Weapons of Festive Destruction or Cooperative Madness and Crazy Personality of Joy-Cons modes, which create grotesque characters with Joy-Con.

The editor also presented a Luxury edition which will delight the followers of the franchise. Includes fixing claws, a size A2 pster, microfiber fabric, adhesives, lithographs, alternative cover and a luxury cover for the software, which is already available for your reservation. Saint's Row: The Third The complete package arrives in stores May 10th.

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