The Tesla Model 3 is a success in Europe … at the moment


New car sales in Western Europe fell 3.7% in the first quarter of 2019; However, the Tesla Model 3 shone with its own light during this period: the American model managed in just two months to become the best selling electric car in Germany during the month of March, with a total of 2,224 units delivered. .

In general, the performance of the Tesla Model 3 in the European market is exceptionally good, something that is mainly due to the large amount of accumulated reserves since it was officially presented almost two years ago (three if we have the first prototype releases in 2016).

Currently, only the versions Dual Motor Dual Range and Long Range Dual Motor Performance are being delivered, the most expensive of the line; however, Standard Range Plus RWD orders can now be placed. It is possible that the RWD Long Range will be added to the European offer in the future, which eliminates the total pull of the Dual Motor models and, in return, offers a lower price and greater autonomy.

In addition, One of the doubts that hangs over Tesla is whether demand will continue to be so high when initial reserves of the model, an effect that could cause a sharp fall in sales. This phenomenon has already occurred in the United States, where sales of the electric model have slowed significantly in recent months.

This may change if Tesla can launch in the medium term The standard 3 Range RWD model, the access version of the model. A variant of which is expected to cost around 40,000 euros on the European market, which should serve to stimulate demand for Model 3, offering a significantly lower price than the currently available versions.

While the European automotive industry faces its own problems: Investors around the world are concerned about falling sales in key European markets, mainly due to the effect of the entry into force of the WLTP approval cycle. Future prospects are also not good: with the adoption of new, stringent EU emission limits, it is expected that European manufacturers will have to invest heavily in electrification in the coming years, as well as face high fines to overcome the limits ( something that will happen with the vast majority of brands).

Moreover, not only is overall demand in Europe weakening, Sales in China are also beginning to fall, something that will greatly affect many European manufacturers, who make huge profits in this market. Undoubtedly, the coming years will be convulsive to European industry, which will have to rely heavily on electrification to succeed in this transition to a new model of mobility.

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