The tearful farewell of Diana Bolocco Glamorama's Channel 13


Author: C. Z. / December 13, 2018

Diana Bolocco begins to close a cycle on Channel 13. Yesterday were the last recordings of the Lucky Roulette program, the last space that animates the Luksic group signal before its imminent departure from the station.

Hours earlier, in La Mañana de Chilevisión, Pamela Díaz unveiled a WhatsApp written by Cecilia Bolocco's sister, where she made it clear that her future is far from 13 years old.

Pamela Díaz: "The only thing I can say is that in a chat we have, a very important car company, we send you all the congratulations. And she put a text that I can read if you want …

"I should not do that." "They're going to kick me out." "Look, what do you say?" "Diana's private chat." Then they see that I'm not lying (shows the message). very loving to me.Thank you for your words and good wishes.These were difficult days and I have mixed feelings.But I'm happy with my new challenges !.

And this Thursday, at Intruders, he told more details of his farewell and even spoke to Diana. Roberto van Cauvelaert, speaker of the space, detailed how it was this moment:

Roberto van Cauvelaert: "Yesterday, Diana Bolocco recorded her last three episodes of La Roulette. He cried, he received the affection of the public … The last chapter was concluded and Diana Bolocco was put on set, flowers were passed, they cried, they embraced and they all wished their luck.

"There were pictures and tears, something normal after so many years of work." And he said, "I'm leaving very happy and full of energy."

Finally, Diana was approached by a team of intruders off Channel 13. The cheerleader, with a broken voice, reported the following:

Intruder Journalist: "How was your last day of recording?"

Diana Bolocco: "Good, I'm fine."

Intruder Journalist: "Can you confirm if you're going to Mega or not?"

Bolocco: "I can not speak, I hope you understand me …

"It was a long, intense day with a lot of emotions. I thank you for being here until 7:00 pm, and cold, what about summer or spring?" "And no, no, I have nothing to say.

"There are many contradictory feelings, but I can not tell you any words, no"

Intruder Journalist: "What are you feeling?"

Bolocco: "Look at my face and you'll notice …" I'm watching the video.


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