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The Super Healing Power of Fermented Manzanas: Triple Salutable Fighting Gout, Cleansing Kidney System, and Mucho More

The technique of fermenting foods is one of the most popular trends nowadays to exploit to the maximum all the benefits of foods, the fermented mangroves are three times the healthiest for the body. Thanks to probarlas!

The technique of ferment the foods is a millenary method that uses them ancient civilizations to conserve best products, what a wonderful assignment medicinal benefits for a good salud. These days they are one of the most popular trends that triple them nutritional goodness y medicinal of specific foods.

The fermentation it's there technique for which a product is transformed and changed organoleptic characteristics due to their direct action microorganisms, succeeding when bacteria naturally present or added to each food ideal surroundings for proliferate gracias al sugar which contain, as can be pan, fruit, yogurt and cervezas.

In this case it corresponds to them huge benefits that houses ferment the manzanas, fruit that is known as one of the worst health of nature; mainly highlighted by its high content en photochemical substances y antioxidants.

How to ferment properly the manzanas?

To make it necessary to understand that depending on the type of food will be used different fermentation techniques, in the case of mangroves such as having large malic acid what of the place al kind of malolactic fermentation that are produced by bacteriawhich are the powerful mask of the manzana.

The way you insure it success es prepares the yoke of manzana as the past fermentation, we are the last step:

  1. Wash the manzanas perfectly and cut it off, so I suppose the carcass. * I recommend using 15 organic manzanas.
  2. In the bowl of the blender adds the manzanas, the liquor perfectly can get a liquid Very thick.
  3. Add this liquid to a glass vial and allow repose for 7 days, try to get it into a well lit area and at normal temperature (between 19 and 22ºC).
  4. In these days the yoke will impel to create a foam on top that every day will increase in volume.
  5. After the days of fermentation the yoke will have an acidic odor, activates the fermentation revolving with a cucumber.
  6. Later in another clean and airtight bottle adds fresh manzanas in pieces and cubicles with fermented yoke. In some cases you can integrate water with medium brown sugar and cinnamon.
  7. Allows to repose a week but at room temperature and después preserves in refrigeration.
  8. The way to consume can be directly them manzana pieces the good three picks of the puree every day.

The wonderful benefits:

  • Powerful liver cleanliness, it is found that the presence in malic acid dilates the bile ducts of the liver in such a way that it facilitates the expulsion of impurities, sandstones and posible stones.
  • Gran diuretic that ayuda a eliminate them liquids y toxins housed throughout the body.
  • Buen antidiarrheal ally due to its content in tannins and pectin. Ideal for the consumption of young and old.
  • One of them best natural remedies to combat the gout attacks caused by the high levels of uric acid in the body.
  • Your consumption fights them nausea y los vomiting.
  • The best you can consume to take care of you intestinal health, strengthens the flora and impairs the growth in pathogenic microorganisms. That's best for regulate the digestive systemo, eliminate hinchazón and narrowing.
  • La Cascara de la manzana highlights for its content en phytochemicals and it is proven that it inhibits the development of certain types of cancer, between the principals is the colon and lung.
  • Due to its contents en cystine, arginine y malic acidare one of the best allies to relieve renal diseases.
  • You are an excellent ally for strengthen el immune system, this is due to its spectacular restraint en vitamins, minerales and carbohydrates (sale in the form of sugars such as fruit, glucose, saccharose, fiber, potassium, vitamin C and different types of flavonoids).

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