The spelling mistake of Kika Silva unleashed laughter in followers of & Invencibles & # 39; | Social networks


The new family reality focused on sporting events, Invincible, is one of the programs that is debuting this 2019 in the CHV.

At the beginning, there were 12 families competing to become "the strongest in Chile".

Among the celebrities participating in the program is Kika Silva, who leads the television space, and the coaches who run the families: the former national, Pablo Contreras; the boxer Carolina Krespita & # 39; Rodríguez; or extenista Horacio de la Peña; and the kayak, Pangal Andrade.

To motivate her fans, Kika Silva posted on her Instagram account that she was waiting for a new episode of the show to begin. However, their followers noticed an error that they notified via Twitter.

The driver loaded an image of his television with the message: "Waiting #invensibleschv", so many social networks ridiculed, indicating that the correct word is "Invincible".

In addition, some have commented that their participation is so small that it hardly appears in the program.

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