Thursday , October 21 2021

the singer said "she prefers to be alone than in bad company"


Toarii Valantin replied to Daniela Castillo, who in conversation with the webshow on Youtube Divina Noche, assured that "today I am alone but I am well .I am not sad, I am calm.I have to go through a process of introspection."

The singer added that "I have always been accompanied, with a partner, I have to spend moments alone, I prefer to be alone than in bad company." Statements that provoked an immediate reaction from Toarii.

In a conversation with Las Ultimas Noticias, Valantin assured that "I do not want to diminish the relationship and say that it was not important for me, quite the opposite, I would not say it. and respect what we live.I do not understand much because he said it.What a shame that denigrates what happened.

He said, "Until recently we were still meeting with other friends, she just walked away from me, I do not talk to her anymore." The other time he asked me something and it was a correct and polite conversation. "I do not know if there's a bad wave on your part, if he says that, it's his decision."

The singer said it hurts to say she was a bad company. "If she sees it that way, I respect her, I can say I had a good time, we had a good time, I'm calm, that does not move the floor, I'm not going to be depressed, I have affection and respect for the relationship," he added.

Castillo acknowledged that he had a relationship with the current member of the Red Clan, but said that "we were small." It's small, it's going through another stage. I'm in another. I have a separation, I come from other leagues, from more serious things. "

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