The sincerity of Carlos Lampe: "I would not like to leave Boca without playing a game"


Carlos Lampe He finished his adventure with Boca Juniors without playing any minute. Although he left Huachipato to replace Esteban Andrada, injured, Agustín Rossi finally took over, relegating the Bolivian to the substitute bench.

Anyway, the Bolivian team does not consider it a mistake to go to Boca despite not playing and said he is not bothered by his current position in the Copa Libertadores sub-championship.

"It did not bother me (I did not play), but I would have liked to play like everyone else, these games that nobody wants to lose, I know I came because Esteban (Andrada) got injured, but Agustín (Rossi) went up to the level and then Esteban returned. I did not get a chance to show why they brought me in. It was a good decision, I did not play, but I was in a really nice club, "he told the newspaper. The third.

In the same vein, the old steelmaker does not resign. "I would not want to leave Boca without playing a game., without gaining anything. I want to stay, but we have to wait. "

In losing the final of the Libertadores, he said that "we are very hurt by the result, we are still very defeated, we were very anxious to keep the cup, everything that happened, everything that was lived, everything that was said. result, we hurt ourselves, but that's how soccer is, because of the way we lost, we left with a clear conscience, because the boys left everything on the court. "

Finally, Lampe spoke about a possible return to Huachipato and indicated that it is difficult to return to iron and steel. "I have a contract with Huachipato, but it's difficult for me to play there again. "


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