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The sincere and strong confession of Ignacio Lastra after resuming his relationship with Silvina Varas – Shows and Culture

© Instagram The sincere and strong confession of Ignacio Lastra after resuming his relationship with Silvina Varas

The former reality show said that he thought many times that he would not kiss in his life again. Tvn


A few days ago it was announced that the former boy of reality Ignacio Lastra resumed his relationship with Silvina Varas, the young woman with whom she had a relationship before entering the program where she became known and had not seen for more than two years.

After the accident that left him with 90% of his body burned, the young man began to rethink things and fate made him meet his ex-girlfriend again.

However, Lastra had another idea of ​​what her life would look like after the accident, so she made a difficult confession.

According to the former model revealed in an interview with Mon, he never thought he would kiss again and still less maintain a loving relationship.

"At no point did I think it was going to be polo, but with Silvina, it was funny, at one point I told my best friends that I would never have a girlfriend, let alone a beautiful girlfriend … if I look at her and persign I did not even imagine kissing again."said Ignacio.


Before the meeting, Lastra said that she called Silvina after a friend told her that something had happened, and after a few days they met and things were happening.

"It's been a long time since we had no connection with Silvina, I have the motto that I do not go back to my ex and I do not talk to them anymore because they're ex," he said, but when they got together "We stayed with Silvina talking about life, about our illnesses, it was very intense. It was all so strong that I took it in moderation so it was not a very long meeting. I wanted to be calm. "

Finally they kept in touch and eventually resumed their relationship. "We immediately wondered if we were being rushed." I looked at her and said, "We have always been like this, it is our formula to be spontaneous," he confessed to the national publication.

Ignacio is currently preparing for a new operation on his face with which he hopes to reduce his scars.


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