The series of knights of the Netflix zodiac looks horrible


The Knights of the Zodiacalso known as Saint Seiya, are one of the most popular anime series on this side of the world, as they can get out of the otaku confines, to be recognized by a more general audience.

This is why franchising has been the subject of several revivals, including a deplorable digital animation film (Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary) that adapted the first arcs with terrible results. There are very few who, underneath, do not crucify her.

But now, with Netflix, a new digital version will come as a TV series, adapting the story of Seiya and company from the beginning of their adventures, to generate criticism, since their style of animation leaves much to be desired. That is, neither by the cinematic bad of the videogame comes to him.

Whether it's the animation style or the work of some new voices, including Seiya's, there's plenty of room for fans of the original version to fire their darts. In addition, certainly one of the elements that more comments will generate will be the adaptation of Shun, the Andromeda gentleman, as a woman.

See the trailer below, in which for some reason there are tanks and heavy artillery attacking the bronze saints.

The only thing left is that the story is fun enough to make up for, but this first look leaves a feeling worse than what was left when you saw the saga of the 12 houses on television in Chile and, just after Leo's house, the series began again.

SAINT SEIYA: The Knights of the Zodiac will be launched globally in 2019.

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