The Senate Defense Committee heard explanations from the Army commander-in-chief about such controversies


A new draft update for the military career will be presented by President Sebastián Piñera next week, Defense Minister Alberto Espina said on Tuesday.

His statements were made in the context of the appearance of Army Commander General Roberto Martinez before the Senate Defense Committee for his statements before an audience of 1,000 officers and unofficial officers, audio that leaked to the weekly "The Clinic, "which spawned a controversy of capital ratios.

The appointment in the Senate coincided with that of the Chamber of Deputies, with which there were moments of tension, which ceased when the second members of the defense committee adjourned the session.

Minister of Defense and Army Commander AGENCY ONE

General Martinez confirmed that his statements were expressed "for a military audience, not to be made public, but that they were definitely reckless." Martinez assured that the army is an imperfect institution, but with room to improve.

The official reiterated that "at any moment" he communicated with Minister Espina, but this meeting with his officials, in the appropriate scenario and to deal with the internal affairs of the institution, is his absolute competence.

"The recording was unfair and without context, since I spoke for two hours, it is the first time that the content of a meeting like this is filtered, we assumed the lack of military security that existed, but I will not give up communicating with my officers for what a person did, "reiterated General Martinez, who denied any kind of wheezing or conflict with other branches of the Armed Forces, such as the Navy and the Air Force.

Minister Espina described the Chilean Army and, in general, the Armed Forces as "luxury" institutions. The secretary asked the senate, of which he was part, to "help" the executive to improve all systems of institutional and administrative control in that branch of the Armed Forces.

He strongly urged that Minister Espina, who would have been a member of the Senate in the past, would "help" this institution to consolidate the Army as a fundamental institution of the republic.


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