The relationship of Goose and Fury has turned the toys of Capitana Marvel


Captain Marvel will hit theaters next year with a bunch of new characters, but none is as intriguing to young Nick Fury as the Goose Cat.

This feline, which appears to be a re-imagery of the animal known as Chewie in the comic books, debuted in the first poster of the film, however, it was only shown in action in the second trailer of Captain Marvel.

There, Goose received the affection of Fury, reason why nothing made portent since it gave its relation in the first figures of the film, where the agent interpreted by Samuel L. Jackson is accompanied by the handcuffed animal and a muzzle.

Who will be the goose? Why should Fury cuff her? These are questions that will probably only be answered with the film or some leak, since the toy packaging says nothing about this scene.

But apparently not everything will be bad for Goose in the film, since other toys anticipate that you can walk in the backpack of Carol and accompany the heroine in its adventures.

Other figures of Captain Marvel they include Carol Danvers in her traditional costume, the kree costume with the mohawk's helmet, a skrull and a glove to simulate the heroine's powers.

Captain Marvel will be released in March 2019.

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