The reappearance of Fortnite & # 39; flees & # 39; for the Luxe Cup


As Epic Games has one thing clear, you can always learn something new. This is reflected in the ease with which they listen to the community and try to implement, as far as possible, their requests.

When PUBG was their biggest rival, they were able to take away certain ideas, such as the desert area, to introduce them to their game and make them more attractive. Now with the arrival of Apex Legends, they want to do exactly the same.

The resuscitation system that includes the Respawn game has been acclaimed by the players, since it gives a new dimension to the royal battle. For this reason, Epic Games is working on a way to implement it in Fortnite.

And it looks like it's already pretty advanced. During the celebration of the Luxe Cup last weekend, bug of the game during replays of the best plays one of the vans that supposedly will serve to revive the players appeared in the middle of the Pitted Floors.

Resuscitation vans appear in the Lux Cup

This means that within the game code there is already data about this system, then it would not be surprising if within a few weeks it was officially available within Fortnite. Since Epic Games did not comment on that.


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