The reactions that left the debut of Maura Rivera and Rodrigo Díaz as red animators on vacation | TV and Shows


This Monday it premiered on the TVN screens, Red on vacation, the summer version of the program that seeks to elect new members of the clan.

This time, he will face two teams, green and blue, who will undergo several tests, skill and knowledge.

In addition, in the role of animators, two historians of the program took up the challenge, which are also friends: Maura Rivera and Rodrigo Díaz.

Although a far more entertaining version, some viewers asserted that the animators were very "packaged" and needed to break free.

This was stated in social networks, where the most criticized was the dancer, since some pointed out that he did not have spontaneity.

On the other hand, there were several who expressed that the best option was to form a duo composed by Leandro Martínez and Yamna Lobos.

Here are some reactions on the social network Twitter.


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