The punishment of Channel 13 for Raquel Argandoña after an ugly gesture with Jani Dueñas at a press conference


After not convincing the public with her routine at the Festival of Viña del Mar, comedian Jani Dueñas appeared at a press conference to address the issues of accredited journalists.

One that did not have accreditation, but that in any way participated of the hearing was the opinion of Rachel Argandoña. There, in a defiant tone, the iconic woman of the dictatorship questioned the comedian: "The production told him more than four times if you wanted to leave the stage. You did not want …"

Before these dictations, Dueñas did not hesitate to respond, stating, "This is not real. I had no contact with the production."

After that answer, Argandoña – with a face full of laughter – asked in an ironic tone if he thought he could turn around at some point. With a tired tone, the comedian told her that this was "obvious."

This deadlock that was qualified as little empathetic, indolent and burlesque on social networks, meant a punishment for several hours without a screen for the welcome morning panelist. The woman did not enter the program at 8 o'clock in the morning, as usual, but did so after 11 o'clock.

According to the LUN, Argandoña would have been annoyed by this situation. "What I do not understand is why they take me to Viña if they do not take advantage of me, but when a woman is employed she has to pay attention to the director"He commented.

"I always showed up at eight o'clock, but the director and the producer felt that it was not appropriate to go on the air at that time. I showed up at 11:10 and with years of television on the body it is known that when they are putting off the exit because something happens. They would have told me and I got up at 10 o'clock, "Patricia Maldonado's friend added to her complaint.


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