The price of Bitcoin continues to fall


Cryptomoeda has its lowest value since September last year.

The golden days for bitcoin are becoming more and more distant. If at some point the most popular of the cryptocorrencias reached $ 20 thousand per unit today with much effort continues above $ 3 thousand – but to keep up with the trend, it will not be for long.

The virtual currency is currently trading at $ 3,395, after falling by almost 6 percent on the day.

With these figures, it reaches its lowest level since September last year.

One analyst told CNBC that the crypto-coins market "definitely seems to be suffering."

"The market is in a general bearish trend that does not seem to be falling due to what appears to be a general negative sentiment regarding crypto derivatives," said Zennon Kapron, director of financial technology consultancy Kapronasia, adding that "since the market is very retail-oriented, is very much at the mercy of the group feeling that causes major changes. "

"Without positive drivers in the near future, this can continue until 2019," he said.


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