The presentation of Nokia 9 PureView would have been postponed again


New day, new rumor about the Nokia 9 PureView. One of the few captaincy on what has been rumored so much before being a concrete reality.

Today, a new source points that the presentation of this terminal would not happen in the month of January as planned.

Juho Sarvikas, Product Manager for HMD Global, was mocking some products that will be displayed during the Mobile World Congress. However, it is when this contact appears indicating that Nokia would have delayed the release date of its leading team again. And it just happens the organization event for the MWC19 in question.

Soon after this happened someone else provided some additional comments In this respect, only he was a little more cautious. In other words, he commented that the invitations to the exhibition should be distributed until January 16 of this year. Otherwise, this means that the presentation will be made under the MWC19.

The craziest of all this is that before pointing to January as the ideal time to make known to the emblematic of HMD, the MWC was already being considered as probability. So we've made the estimate for the current month … and now it pulls away again.

The risks of presenting in MWC19

Now, this last thing happened like this, this would involve a risky move for Nokia. That is, it should compete in prominence with other teams to be exhibited by other brands. Among them are the new Xperia XZ4 and a new flagship of LG; just quoting a couple.

Anyway, now the most reasonable thing is to be cautious and keep watching what happens over the course of days. Something tells me that in a short time we will have news on this Nokia 9 PureView.

Source: Telephony Arena


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