The Pixel 3a would start at $ 399, challenging the mid-range throne


We are a few days officially knowing the new Pixel 3a and Google's Pixel 3a XL. These devices, as we all assume, will compete in the middle range, bringing the tremendous camera technology of their older siblings to a much more accessible segment.

Although this idea seems attractive, it still remains to know what the price range they would enter to compete. Until today, from the YouTube channel This is Tech Today ensures that the smallest model will start at $ 399 and the largest will reach $ 479 (CLP $ 270,000 and CLP $ 325,000 approximately).

I do not know about you, but if these devices have the same photographic quality as the original Pixel 3, could be a radical change in the mid-range that we now know. Who knows? Maybe we could see your arrival in more markets in the short term to try to continue massing your brand.

The founder of this channel, Brandon Lee, had access to images showing the packaging of this device, where some of its characteristics are also shown. Now we know that there will be 64GB and 128GB versions, and finally the smaller screen will be 5.6 inches.

Other "confirmed" news is the new color to be added, which is a very subtle purple with the power button on a yellow fluoride. This new tone follows the logic of previous colors and bears the name Purple-ish.

We we'll be on Google I / O this year waiting eagerly for the release of these new phones, and of course we will make all the necessary queries to know when we can access them.


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