The penis is shrinking for this absurd reason


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Scientists at the University of Padova in Italy are scared those men whose mothers used non-stick frying pans to cook, they suffered a shrinkage in the penis.

The reason why a study showed that the penises of 383 men with an average age of 18 lost 12 percent high and 6 percent wide in its limbs It is because they have consumed prepared foods in such kitchen utensils, which contain PFC chemicals.

These, in turn, interfere with male hormones and could have reduced his penis by an inch of the victims, even from the moment they are pregnant, The sun.

O Chemical PFC They are also found in waterproof clothing, fast food containers and in greaseproof food containers, some medicines, electronics, etc., and are associated with lower fertility, bladder cancer, early menopause, low birth weight, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and impaired immune system functions.


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