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Bitcoin will always be known as the first existing crypto. In addition, at the moment, it is also the most used and the safest. That's why it's not surprising that other crypto-coins have wanted to copy their name, albeit with some changes.

Only in the CoinMarketCap, which lists cryptoactive assets traded in exchange offices, we can find at least 38 crypto-coins that carry the term "Bitcoin" in their name. It should be noted that not all are direct bifurcations of the first blockchain and, of course, are completely different from the original Bitcoin.

It's very important not to get confused: Most coins that include "bitcoin" in your name have low volume and / or price. Only Bitcoin (BTC) is the original. In this article we will mention some of these little-known "other" bitcoins, thus excluding the already famous Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond Logo. Source: @BitcoinDiamond_ / Twitter

It has to be said that during its early days this cryptomaniac was repeatedly accused of being a farce, because not even its developers have revealed themselves. Now this information is a bit clearer, but still – as in all crypto-coins – its use is at personal risk.

It is a direct bitcoin bifurcation and does not differ much from it. In addition to replacing the mining algorithm with work better with GPU, plans to have a larger total offer and also a larger block size. That's it: they still keep SegWit and the Lightning Network.

The current price of BCD is US $ 1.14; its capitalization, surprisingly, exceeds $ 213 million and is traded in 18 currency exchanges, including the popular Binance, Bithumb and HitBTC.

Bitcoin Green

Bitcoin Green logo. Source: @btc_green / Twitter

The ecological claim about the amount of energy consumed by the Work Test (PoW) required for my BTC is not new, so this coin tries to solve it in its own way, that is, offering basically the same advantages, but using the participation test (PoS) with more to maintain the network. That is, it eliminates "harmful" mining for the environment.

In the same line, on their official website, they admit that, instead of criptomoeda, Bitcoin Green is an awareness campaign about the environmental sustainability problems presented by the Test of Work in public blockchains. With the "green protocol" with which they replace the classic SHA-256 algorithm, they claim to be more scalable, cheaper, and faster.

The BITG is priced at $ 0.31, its capitalization exceeds $ 2 million and is available in 5 bureaux de change, including CoinExchange and CryptoBridge.

Interest from Bitcoin

Bitcoin interest logo. Source: @btcinterest / Twitter

This is a bifurcation of the BTC, whose main offer is to provide interest to all its holders from time to time. To do this, as explained in your ad, take 1 BCI per minted block and send it to the Pool of Interest. Once the week or month of the interest round ends, the amount collected is shared among the holders. Such a method aroused certain suspicions.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Interest claims to be the first crypto to implement the Progressive Work Test algorithm (ProgPoW), designed to support ASIC machines. And in addition to the technician, in April 2019 they carried out a charity initiative where they donated enough to buy several tons of food for the Chichiriviche community in Venezuela; which is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis.

BCI is valued at $ 0.123657, with a capitalization of more than $ 2 million. Bitfinex, HitBTC, STEX and Trade Satoshi are the exchange houses that negotiate it.

Bitcoin Atom

Bitcoin Atom logo. Source: @atombitcoin / Twitter

It is also a direct bitcoin bifurcation (BTC), this time proclaiming itself as a "Bitcoin evolved with Atomic Swaps and Network Lightning"Remember that with different blockchain Atomic Swaps cryptographic coins can be exchanged without the need for an intermediary, while LN allows smaller and cheaper transactions out of the main chain.

Of course, these are features that are already being developed in the BTC, so it seems that what most differentiates Bitcoin Atom from its predecessor is its hybrid consensus method, that is, the use of PoW and PoS at the same time to validate the network

The BCA is priced at $ 0.101310; Its total capitalization amounts to almost two million dollars and can be exchanged in Exrates, STEX and CryptoBridge.

Bitcoin Private

Logo of Bitcoin Private. Source: @bitcoinprivate / Twitter

As the name suggests, this cryptomade is intended to be a more private version of the BTC. For this, it originated from a hybrid bifurcation between Bitcoin and ZClassic. This last platform is the one that brings the technology zk-snarks (also present in Zcash), so that all the payments are registered in a public blockchain, but the sender, the receiver and the amount remain hidden for those who are not involved in the transaction; unlike what happens with Bitcoin.

Its block size is slightly higher than BTC, can be extracted and guarantees decentralization. The price for each BTCP is US $ 0.45001, its capitalization exceeds two million dollars and is traded on TOPBTC, Altcoin Trader, Sistemkoin, TradeOgre and Crex24.

Interestingly, another crypto-nicknamed Bitcoin Z has identical characteristics, albeit a smaller market volume.


EBitcoin logo. Source: @eBTC_Official / Twitter

Its name is already a clue of what it is: a "bitcoin" in Ethereum. It is about an ERC-20 token that allows batch transactions, that is, about 255 payments in the same block of Ethereum. As indicated on your page, this feature is able to save up to 70% on gas.

The coin was designed and plans to create its own platform where individual and corporate alliances are forged in a solid community. In addition, transactions of only 15 seconds and availability for smart contracts are promised.

The value of EBTC is US $ 0.025064, with a capitalization of US $ 473,646. It can be exchanged for BTC and ETH in KuCoin, Mercatox and CoinExchange.


Logo 0xBitcoin. Source: @ 0xBTCFoundation / Twitter

If you thought there could only be a single bitcoin in Ethereum, you were wrong. 0xBitcoin is also an ERC-20 token, only this account with the characteristic of being able to be mined. Your offer, as explained on its website, is to mix the best of Bitcoin – mining and its total supply – with the best of Ethereum – speed, smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Reward per mine block is delivered every 10 minutes and the resulting tokens can interact with all Ethereum services, including Metamask and Parity. The price of 0xBTC is $ 0.207295, its capitalization is $ 898,811 and can be found in Mercatox, Hotbit, IDEX and EtherDelta.

Bitcoin Adult

Logo 0xBitcoin. Source: @ 0xBTCFoundation / Twitter

There are not one or two, but several criptomoedas involved in adult entertainment. Bitcoin Adult is one of them and stated its goal to become the last payment solution in this industry. In addition, the moment it focuses on the webcam actors, which is intended to serve as a payment method.

Technically, it is a cryptocorrĂȘncia that uses the participation test (PoS) with masternodes to validate the transactions. This is with the intention of making it faster than Bitcoin to process payments.

Your ticker is BTAD. It is priced at $ 0.001166, a capitalization of $ 33,664 and is available on the Graviex and Crex24 cryptographic bags.

Bitcoin Scrypt

Bitcoin Scrypt logo. Source: @theotherbitcoin / Twitter

This is another of the criptomoedas called "bitcoin" that are not a direct bifurcation of the BTC. Created in 2013 as the "Core Bitcoin Centralization Response", it addresses the problem of the lack of voice of ordinary users in implementing new technical features. Recall that in Bitcoin, first, the developers are proposing a new implementation, but they end up being the great miners who really have the power to "vote" to perform this new function or not. This happened with SegWit, while the rest of the users should be content to choose between the resulting strings.

In Bitcoin Scrypt is intended to give a vote in the development for ordinary users using the CryptoVoter tool, an open source platform in which the value of each vote is proportional to the amount of BTC that the voter possesses. In this way, not only the miners will be able to vote on the new features, but also on the other users.

In addition, Bitcoin Scrypt (BTCS) offers hybrid mining between PoS and PoW. Its average value is US $ 0.024140, has a capitalization of US $ 425,250 and is traded on Trade Satoshi against BTC, DOGE and ETH.

God Bitcoin

Logo of God Bitcoin. Source: @BitcoinGodOrg / Twitter

It is intended that this be a philanthropic bifurcation of Bitcoin, as it plans donate 3.6 million of his charity token. To decide which platforms will be donated, users will vote through their own social network. On the other hand, the rest of the coins will be distributed among the current owners of the BTC and future rewards for mining in the Participation Test (PoS). As indicated on its website, it is a decentralized cryptocorrĂȘncia: "The user is God. The administrative authority of Bitcoin God (GOD) does not belong to anyone beyond the users of the community."

It has available smart contracts, a larger block size, Lightning network for off-chain micropayments, and zero knowledge testing to provide confidentiality for all transactions.

GOD has an average value of $ 7.9 and an uncertain capitalization, but is traded on, DigiFinex and YoBit.

The Crypto-Coins shown here are just a few of those who have decided to adopt "bitcoin" for their brand. They can also be seen as possibilities of what the first Bitcoin could be and what it may still be, at least a little bit.

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