Sunday , October 24 2021

The optimistic reflection of Javiera Suárez before the difficult year in which she lived


"2018 fucked, until about June, until there was" disjointed ", was the definition of Javiera Suárez for the year in which we said goodbye, after facing complex moments in his life due to his illness.

In an interview with the morning "Muy Buenos Días", the journalist explained that after the period of adversity she experienced, she now feels much calmer and healthier.

"I'm still on treatment, now I'm on immunotherapy, but I felt pretty good, you'd better be quiet because of the minor pains that I felt for a b or c," he explained.

Suarez acknowledged that despite living with a complex disease, he also learned to take good things out of it. "I'm lucky that with cancer, a baby was born too, and it's great, and it's impossible for me not to get the best things I can have," he said.

"If today you are well, you are healthy, have a job, it is to be grateful for that and not take for granted. In the end, it is a daily celebration that you are happy," he concluded.

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