The Nubian X and goodbye


Between the nostalgia and exhaustion of the last hours at CES 2019, the 11th. delivery of most attractive technology fair gadgets It's more than interesting. The team onecero completes its great work of a very active week with this final list with the names of Matuk and Pontón, although the hallways of the Convention Center already are beginning to appear empty.

# CES2019 The most attractive gadgets (part 10): Apple trolling and cars of the future

We have everything here, from multilingual keyboards to 3D printers to steel (well, as you've heard). We also have what could be the best light saber on the market, which even has bluetooth connectivity to transmit sound effects to hearing aids.

But we closed with a flourish knowing the Nubia X, the cell phone with full screen and double screen in the front and back, a revolutionary phone of this subsidiary of ZTE. We've already told you all about it.


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