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Free samples with Amazon

Some US media have begun repeating this new practice of the e-commerce giant. Amazonia thus launched a pilot program where you're trying to send free samples to your customers depending on the tastes (and shopping) what they usually do.

The idea is that brands like Maybelline, a cosmetics company, pay to send samples of their makeup products to consumers, knowing they are very likely to buy them because they have already purchased other cosmetic products.

The sample submission program It would take months already active in a way silent, thus proving the viability of the idea before making it official and transforming it into a key piece within the machinery of Jeff Bezos' company. In the following tweet, published (eye) in the month of August, a user said that he had received coffee samples "after having 15 types of coffee in his cart":

There is no doubt that Amazon has virtually everything in favor of an idea like this to be successful. The company has more than 100 million subscribers yours Main service, which means that it has a huge portfolio of customers who regularly and faithfully buy. Many millions more do not use the Prime service and still purchase products relatively continuously, so that Amazon can create a fairly detailed tastes and trends of its users and act accordingly.

And how do you do that? In what way do you know what we are most likely to buy from one thing rather than another? Well with the use of machine learning (or automatic learning), which is responsible for studying the habits of consumers and, based on this, select the best samples for them.

samples of Amazonian samples

This is not the first time Amazon has experimented with samples. He has also been testing in the USA. Primary samplesin which the user decides what samples he wants (there are also sample boxes) and pay for them so that if you like something and want to buy your retail version, you will receive a discount for the product.

Here, however, it goes further and that is where other issues related to privacy. While in the Prime Samples mentioned above, you choose which samples you want to receive, Amazon's new idea is to study your shopping pattern and habits, deciding for you, in collaboration with an external brand you are paying, to send certain samples that will unexpectedly knock on your door – you can choose not to be part of the program in the profile options, of course. In the next section of the site, he explains what his samples consist of and, in fact, it is a random and surprise shipment.

What do you think of the idea of ​​receiving free samples of surprise based on your tastes? Do you think this violates your privacy?


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