The new emoji of the small penis WhatsApp becomes the sensation


WhatsApp included a small emoji of penis among its novelties this year that came to light after Unicode revealed what will be the 230 new emoticons that will be part of the universe of this application and other social networks, everything will be released in 2019. In fact, it is about 58 new emoticons that add a total of 230 different designs.

It's possible that the 230 new emoticons are available on WhatsApp for the summer. Best of all, they have a special theme: social inclusion. But The emoji that attracted the attention of the users is the small penis.

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The new emoji that stole the attention was the "Pinching Hand", which according to users refers to the male member, specifically for this is very small-

Despite comments from users of Unicode, the company responsible for the creation of emoji said that it is not a small penis, but the hand represents a pinch and refers to a small amount.

But there are also new emoticons that refer to new foods such as oysters, butter and more. There is also news on animals, users have stated that the orangutan was necessary and will already be a reality.

Despite the fact that Unicode has clarified that this is not an emogi of a small penis, many expect it to come out soon to be used for the purpose in their WhatsApp conversations.

If you want to know which are all emojis that will be available for WhatsApp, you can check them on the official Unicode website, the organization that decides which ones will be part of the universe of emoticons.

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