The most sensitive moment of Paty Maldonado Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / December 12, 2018

Paty Maldonado lived a hectic year. In addition to the controversial conflict with the actors, who asked for their participation in TV, the Mucho Gusto speaker spent a delicate moment with her husband Jorge Pino.

A few months ago, her husband was diagnosed with a tumor and underwent an emergency surgery – MORE DETAILS ABOUT. After this difficult episode, her husband was able to recover. But Paty does not forget how difficult and distressing this process was.

This Thursday, on the morning of Mega, Maldonado was honest and starred in one of the most sensitive moments since he's on the show. The panelist acknowledged that it was a complicated year and broke when he talked about what she lived:

Lucho Jara: "Would you like to leave the character and show yourself as you are, with that gigantic sensitivity you have?"

Paty Maldonado: "No, no, because I'm terribly afraid people will say, in general, that chicken, how weak." I'm not weak. "" I'm very strong. "" But there are things that hurt me, that they hurt me in the soul, even if you do not believe it.There are things that cause me an immense pain that I just say "how long will this last and I'll take it?" … Why … I do not walk through life hurting anyone or bothering me.

"But when I see myself in front of these facts that I'm talking about, it's my family, that's when I fall in. It's when I'm brave … I'm not brave, I'm a coward, I do not know what's going to happen, I do not know what's going on. I do not know what's going to happen I do not know, I do not know what life has prepared for me … "

Jara: "Excuse me, Patty, none of us know, or what they are at home, but as we're talking and we're big people, what's wrong with showing weakness?" "What's the problem?" "Because there's a kind of contradiction, my dear. Paty.You're a human beingWe're all a human.And the life of tomorrow may surprise us, it can make us suffer, even people as brave as you.I know this complicates you, old woman, what I'm telling you, because you do not want to show yourself like you're not But if someone has a pain I think it's natural, it's human, cry "

Maldonado: "If you tell me today if I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but more than sadness, I'm very scared, I'm very scared, but very afraid (sobs)." This fear I've felt before. fear with all that has happened to us I fear today that I am very afraid I have a lot of faith I have sadness I have insecurity That is true I will not deny it I hope everything will turn out just as other things have also happened good "

Jara: "Is this the year you felt the most fragile?"

Maldonado: "I've got my children well, healthy, my grandchildren are well, perfect, they run around the house, they are normal children.A work I do not have problem.I belong to a channel that gave me all the love.But health has been a disaster "

Jara: "Did the floor move you?"

Maldonado: "The ground has changed, changed me a lot, a lot, a lot, so that makes me feel insecure"

Jara: "It's fragile"

Maldonado: "Yes … Maybe I like to have everything under control, and in health you can not, no matter how much you want, you can not"

Jara: "And suddenly, Patty, did you feel like releasing a little?" "Look, I got you every day at five in the morning." "I got you on a bike." "You face the attack on this profession, which is not easy, not easy. You have to get up with boxing gloves, even the most innocent ones.This stick is hard, super well paid, super recognized, but difficult.Are there times when you do not want to get up? "

Maldonado: There have been times when I have said "already." It is not the time to retire, because what I do disturbs me. I'm not afraid of running out of work on television, because I'm going to look for an alternative. "


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