Wednesday , June 16 2021

The mood of Altoyoyo in Olmué shared the public's opinions

"Forgive the daily life of history", was the phrase that most circulated in social networks during the presentation of Rodrigo Vásquez, Altooyoyo, the first comedian to appear at the Huaso de Olmué Festival in 2019.

And is that the comedian toured different passages of his own experiences to get laughs in El Patagual. From confrontations with criminals, the fear and even the repetition of the course were material for Vásquez's routine.

The complex moment came from the hand of a small interruption that made the "bar" that came to see the concert of Guachupé. Altoyoyo's nervousness was evident in his face as the band's fans raised their voices to sing a harangue.

Luckily, Vásquez recovered and was able to take his routine, avoiding even some errors that emanated from the gallery.

Nothing prevented TVN will triumph in the public, while Altooyoyo he was on the stage. The signal of the state was on average 17.1 points during the routine, with peaks of 18; overcoming Chilevision which remained in the 10 units and Mega which averaged 9.1.

But the division spread to Twitter. While some or accused of repetitive, "neither funny nor hungry," he commented. While others were more lapidary: "Even the meruane is more fun".

These were some of the comments:

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