The message that Paloma Mami sent through Karol Lucero after her show in Lollapalooza


The singer Paloma Mami lit with all the Lollapalooza Festival Chile 2019 that despite having some technical problems – as in the concerts of Lenny Kravitz and Gepe – had a successful end.

But something that was not seen was that after her presentation was approached by none other than Karol Lucero, also known as Karol "Dance", who was at the popular festival working for a producer and showing the backstage of "Lolla" through her Instagram ,

In her Paloma Mami meeting, Karol interviewed her and took the opportunity to thank her audience by sending the following message that Lucero called "exclusive":

Karol Luceo: – Look who I am. He left the stage, you broke it …

Dove Mami: Thank you.

KL: What did you think, what would you say to people?

Paloma Mami: – I admire all the people who were there, I love them. Thank you for being my fans. That they are fanatics, that I love them.

KL: – Tremendous Dove.

Dove Mami: Thank you.

In the following video, Karol announced that Paloma Mami will be in the program "Mucho Gusto" by Mega this Monday.


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